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'Wake me up' by Madhukar

Esteemed and beloved Master!

Thank you very much that I am allowed to be here in this retreat. It is a deep joy for me to be here. The retreats with you, beloved Master, are doing me so good. I do not get the flu anymore as I always used to get years before, and also the joy in my life has been awaked again. Again and again thank you for your presence! Feeling ever so close to you in the depth of my heart,

your Renate

Beloved Madhukarji,

Words cannot describe what you are giving All of us. I just simply say THANK You!
THANK YOU for the love!
THANK YOU for the grace!
THANK YOU for the glory!
In eternal love



Beloved Madhukarji,

No birthday wish could be more adequate for you beloved Master than that the angels were playing for you and the gods were dancing for you. The most wonderful, which is far beyond our imagination, shall be bestowed on you always. It shall always bring you the highest bliss. You receive these congratulations with all of our love and from our deepest heart,

Jenny and Oliver

Beloved Master Madhukar!

Thank you for bringing light and joy in my life. Thank you that you are present each moment of my life. In wonderful devotion,



Beloved Master Madhukar!

The best is
to be in your grace.
which is untouched.
sometimes still, sometimes loud.
Thank you,
in love



Beloved Master,

It is the most precious present that I was allowed to find you. Thank you for this with all my heart. I want to share this treasure with my family. Please sign this two very special books, one is for my parents and the other one for my grandson. In deep love and thankfulness,