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newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 3/2015
As along as we are identified with the „I“ we usually forget why we are here: to realise without doubt who we really are. This is our job in this world, this is why we have a body and a mind.
When the job is done and we are free, we will recognise what is behind our existence and that there was never a job to be done. But not before that: giving up is not an option.
Nothing but love.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 2/2015
We are born twice in life: the first time by our parents and the second time by our Guru. Our parents make it possible for us to be here in this world, the Guru is pointing to our true Self. A whole new world is opening, our heart is perceiving what was hidden from us before.
The day is coming when the old and the new world become one. And the implicit knowledge answers all questions even before they are asked.
Then we are Peace, the Peace that we always have been.
Nothing but love.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 1/2015
The three weeks silent retreat “Awakening” with Madhukar took place again in Tiruvannamalai in February with 52 participants from 11 nations. There is no better place than the Suddhananda Ashram with a direct view on the holy mountain Arunachala, which Ramana Maharshi loved so much that he – once arrived – never left until his death in 1950 and which he called his Guru.
The professionally managed Ramanashram is today a center of spirirual life in Southern India, attracting seekers from all over the world. The ashram houses the archive as well, containing 7.000 photographs of Ramana, many of his personal belongings – notably a whole collection of his walking sticks – as well as the Westinghouse tube radio from the 1940ies that annoyed many visitors when played loudly in the Great Hall. The receiver has one medium- and three shortwave bands that were able to tune into stations from all over the world and probably did.
We visited the Ramanashram together with Madhukar several times during the retreat. On the occasion of the “Open Satsang” almost 40 visitors came to the remote location of the Suddhananda Ashram.
Many Thanks to Satya and Amrita for the perfect organisation.
Nothing but love.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 4/2014
Two persons meet who love each other and think that they make each other happy. The truth is that they are happy because of the missing desire for that love that they always have been. So: Love each other!

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 3/2014
Stop! Stop just for one moment to judge the world, stop just for one moment to talk to yourself, look up from your smartphone and see the world that mirrors your own Self. Be Peace.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 2/2014
As long as we believe to be the body we need a guru in a body. Ramana Maharshi had a guru with a mighty body, who is silent and does not move: the holy mountain Arunachala. He embodies the qualities of a good guru. The three weeks silent retreat with Madhukar at the foot of Arunachala including Sofya’s mantra workshop and morning yoga with Lohita was a joy- and peaceful event for everybody. The sangha is sending special greetings to the many Russian participants. Om Shanti

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 1/2014
The new year has started and many sangha-sisters and -brothers are looking forward to the retreats and the satsang with Madhukar. The beach party satsang in Goa is followed by the three week silent retreat in Tiruvannamalai at the foot of holy Arunachala where many of Ramana’s, Papaji’s and Madhukar’s devotees meet in winter. Last one in Asia is the pool yoga retreat in the luxury resort Uma Ubud on Bali. Happy new Year.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 5/2013
In autumn the leaves are falling like the days of your life. Eventually you can see the clear sky and the stars… have you done the work of your lifetime, did you recognise that you are peace yourself? Love is.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 4/2013
Reopening the “Room of Quiet” at the UN-headquarters in New York in 1957 the Swedish Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld said: "We all have within us a centre of stillness surrounded by silence.“
With a similar idea the "Committee for the Promotion of a Room of Silence in Berlin" is taking care of an ecumenical meditation room located in the northern gate keeper house of the Brandenburg Gate. Patron is Wolfgang Thierse, vice-president of the German Federal Parliament. The room is open daily for everybody.
Time to be quiet. Love is.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 3/2013
„Be as you are“ sounds simple but confuses many. It does not mean that everything is good as it is. It means to realise permanently the wrong identification with mind and body and to realise your true nature. It is the answer to the question „Who am I?“.
Then everything is good. Same as before, but different.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 2/2013
Every year the holy mountain Arunachala is calling and every year searchers come to find Peace, the Self, in Tiruvannamalai, where Ramana Maharshi had lived. In Madhukar’s silent retreat “Awakening” many members on the sangha met with their guru to experience the greatest possible adventure: The discovery that they do not need to look for their happiness, they are already That. And for all that could not make it, here is a tiny impression of the paradise. Love is Truth is God is You.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 1/2013
The time around winter solstice is the time of the deepest darkness and also the time of the brightest stars. One recognises in their random order a phenomenal world of creatures and objects, the constellations of the stars. The illusion disappears in a couple of thousand years earlier or later or seen from another solar system. Like the philosophy, the love of thinking, makes place to the Love of Silence, the recognition of Self.
The new year with Madhukar begins with the retreat in Goa/India and continues at the foot of the holy mountain Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai.
Nothing but love. Love but Nothing.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 5/2012
The Indian Summer finished another year with Madhukar, the last Satsang of the year will be in Stuttgart, the last retreat in Bad Waldsee, including Madhukar’s birthday party. And many of us are looking forward to the two retreats in India: Goa and Tiruvannamalai in January and February. And: Be God, be That. Nothing but Love.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 4/2012
Midsummer night passed, the days are getting shorter, first slowly and then faster and faster. What needs to be done in light should be done soon, preferably now: Nothing. Nothings but Love.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 3/2012
The yearly Guru Purnima Party took place on July 2 and 3 in Tuscany and lead to another festivity on July 4: Independence Day. Since 1776 the USA are celebrating their independence from the British government. On that day a remarkable sentence was signed in the Declaration of Independence:
„We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
Good to know that we do not have to pursue, we already are: Nothing but Love

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 2/2012
Coming back home after a wonderful silent retreat with Madhukar at Arunachala it is spring here. Also nature that we see refers to the Self. It is an appearance in the Self, partaking of its reality, because the true nature of that appearance is identical to the Self. In that sense: Love is.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 1/2012
Grace is everywhere and always, but as long as we believe we are the body we need a guru in the form of a body. Silence as well is everywhere and always, but near Arunachala silence is more silent. Together with Madhukar many members of the sangha will be at the foot of the mountain where Ramana Maharshi lived and who declared Arunachala his guru. Love is.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 6/2011
The Satsang in Stuttgart finished a happy year with Madhukar. The first event next year is the retreat in Goa, India, followed by many occasions to recognise your true Self. And in between: Sometimes being silent is the simplest way to find out, who we have always been. Love is.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 5/2011
The obvious answer to the question of the result of a spiritual search is “to find out, who we are”. What looks good at first is wrong, because it assumes a searcher, a search and the searched. The surprising answer is that we are already what we are looking for and that subject, object and activity are one. Nothing but Love.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 4/2011
Suddenly already half of the year has passed. After midsummer the days start to become shorter, first slowly and than faster. The Self is without change, its realisation ends the cycle of suffering. And when this is done without doubt: forget everything. Nothing but Love.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 3/2011
Every spring nature awakes with an incredible force. The birds are singing and the diversity of greens are a joy for the eye and the heart. A new cycle of life begins. It is pointing to the indescribable behind all things, that about which we can only keep silent. It is the unreal within the real, the divine play, which has to be played skilfully. Nothing but Love.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 2/2011
There is a place in paradise where the bell rings every day at three thirty to have tea and Britannia biscuits. This is the place where about 50 members of the Sangha attended the silent retreat "Awakening" to enjoy the beneficial effects of Arunachala together with Madhukar in Satsang. The collective view of the summit of the holy mountain is Love, is Self. Nothing but Love.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 1/2011
The satsang in Hamburg on Nov. 19-21, 2010 closed a year with Madhukar. While Europe is fighting with snow and cold, the thoughts of many members of the sangha fly to India, where Madhukar opens a new year with the retreats in Goa and Tiruvannamalai. This morning I had a dream: I am That. Woke up and am That. Nothing but Love.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 6/2010
Who leaves home to begin a search; who changes his life to become happy, know this: There is no path, we are already there. We are already that which we are looking for: Peace. Nevertheless, the "right path" (Buddha) can be helpful. Nothing but Love.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 5/2010
The wind of life blows from all directions, sometimes softer, sometimes harder. Only in the center of the compass rose nothing moves, around the center, the Self, rotates everything. Therefore it is good to realise who we are, and have peace hereafter. No matter from where and how strong the wind is blowing. Nothing but Love.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 4/2010
Who makes himself dependend on the arrival of this summer is lost. After the summer solstice it stays cold in Europe, even if some rays of sunshine give hope.
There is only one thing to do: To recognise who you really are. You are not the body, you are not the mind. Then the true sun of your Heart will shine.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 3/2010
A long winter is ending. Sometime between equinox and May there is the first warm day on which one wants to shout: NOW! And in your life there is the day when you realise who you always have been and you laugh about yourself because you ignored what is so obvious. Love is.

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 2/2010
Back from the foot of Arunachala. Difficult to say less: Silence. Here is the link to the webcam at the Arunchala for all, which were not there Arunachala! Thou dost root out the ego of those who meditate on Thee in the heart, Oh Arunachala!

newsletter_thumpnail Newsletter | 1/2010
The shortest day and the longest night have passed, from now on there will be more sun. You can have a lot of sun and much more on the next retreats in India: the classics in Goa in Tiruvannamalai and then the “Divine Paradise” detour to the Andaman Island. Happy New Year.