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'Wake me up' by Madhukar

Dear Madhukar,

Thank you for your love and the peace that is flowing through you, and for
the beauty as it is also to be heard in the concerts of Mozart, especially in the slow tunes.

In Love Christa

Dearest Madhukar,

I am very thankful for the retreat in the winterly Allgau. The last day
something precious revealed. In the beginning I was a bit insecure
because resistance was coming up against remaining silent - that was
new for me. Then I realized that the point is simply: not MY will shall
be but Gods will. It is the contumacy against it, which is taking away
strength and peace. That became very obvious. At the same time
something loosened in me and I was very touched. Your absolute
devotion to THAT is also touching me again and again. I am so aware
what a blessing it is being allowed to be so close to you, dearest Master.
Please forgive me that I sometimes do not understand what you mean,
when it is not exactly explained, when it is intellectually not
understandable. But also here I was allowed to experience a "being in
peace with it" in Satsang. That is just the way this body-mind is functioning,
it is good like this.

Full of thankfulness and love




could never express gratefulness that we've met in this lifetime. It feels like i've been searching for You billions of years, billions of lifetimes...

If i could i would be arround you all the time because with You silence is even more silent --- it feels like "every-day-illusionary-world" makes me restless...there are moments of melting into That, Silence, .... but it is not so "strong, powerful"

I know we are not separate, but still.... i wish out of Heart & pray that our body & form meet again soon in Satsang.

Borut Slovenia

hi madhu,

my name is nicolae bohoru and i'm leaving in Europe, Romania.
i'm visit your site and I hapy. when are you go in romania.