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#05 Make the Experience of Self Inquiry

Magnificent encounter with Madhukar
August 27, 2020
#06 Come with us to Guru Purnima
July 14, 2021

#05 Make the Experience of Self Inquiry

Make the Experience of Self Inquiry

Hi there!

Today we are back with an episode where we speak about what it’s about in Satsang: Self inquiry. And as promised, this time we talk again in English. Because we could talk so much about this topic, there will be surely more episodes about self inquiry. But let’s look what you can discover this time: Suri speaks about how everything began, how Sri Ramana Maharshi kind of invented this powerful tool. Then Madhukar is introducing you into self inquiry himself.  And also we *drum roll* share with you part of our own precious experience with this simple question.

Enjoy and have fun diving in.

Love is,
Suri & Shivani


  1. Asisa says:

    Great to hear you again, great that you are back! Thank you for this podcast!

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