#4 - Free Will in Berlin - Madhukar - Enlighten Life

#4 – Free Will in Berlin

#03 – Animal Guests in the Madhukar – Enlighten Life Podcast
April 22, 2020
Magnificent encounter with Madhukar
August 27, 2020

#4 – Free Will in Berlin

Hi there!

Todays podcast is in german language. It’s all about BERLIN. Well, at least as far as the location of the Satsang recording is concerned.

First we’ll talk about the mystery of “free will” and then we will listen to a wonderfully longer dialogue with Madhukarji about this highly exciting topic.

What is your experience? Is the will free? Yes – No – Maybe ?

Enjoy the diving in.

Your next opportunity to be there live in the Online Retreat is BERLIN CALLING from April 30. till May 3.2020.

All information and registration can be found here.

All the best

Suri & Shivani


PS: That’s the link to the experiment Shivani talks about.


  1. Asisa says:

    Was für ein schöner Podcast! Danke euch beiden. Der Satsang Audio ist klasse! Vielen Dank!

  2. Arjuna says:

    Amazing Podcast♥️

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