What is an Advaita Retreat?  

In his Advaita retreats Madhukar’s sole concern is to enable people to enlighten their lives. The international renowned authority on Advaita insists that enlightenment or awakening is available to everyone and encourages to take a chance and taste the bliss of peace and freedom.

His intense presence and practical guidance has profoundly transformed the lives of many and helped some of the world’s top performers to reach a lifelong inner contentment, never experienced before.

Madhukar’s unique teaching enables individuals in the Advaita retreats through nondual meditation not only to meet all the challenges of a modern 21st century life, but to awaken to their true potential.

In his Satsang, literally from Sanskrit, ‘Meeting in Truth’, an essential part of the Advaita retreat, inner happiness and freedom reveal themselves to the participants. He particularly focuses on making peace experienceable to people through  silence. Furthermore to make enlightenment, self-realization experienceable in Satsang. It is called Sahaja Samadhi or Natural Enlightenment.

Step back from your daily to-do list to pause, reflect, and focus on your true nature. With Madhukar’s guided self-inquiry and Advaita meditation you can discover who you really are and experience lasting inner peace and freedom.

Happiness, a larger awareness, clarity and well-being can be some of the results of joining a retreat with Madhukar, and you can benefit from his support and care which is an enrichment for all life aspects. You can leave mental constructs and doctrines and find fulfillment and purpose.

Satsang is the most important thing here. Satsangs are gatherings where busy minds cool down. Through silence, self-inquiry, nondual meditation, dialogue, music, mantras and ecstatic dance. People from all over the world and different backgrounds attend Advaita Retreats.

It is a celebration of presence and beingness. An invitation to recognize the profound nature of who we really are. Satsang is a unique chance to realize peace and happiness as your true nature.

Satsang consists of silence, clarifying dialogues and nondual meditation. Satsang means also being with a Master who has realized the truth. Madhukar points you in Satsang to the underlying, unchangeable reality of all existence. In his presence and guidance you experience a tranquil state of consciousness. That enhances wisdom and nurtures your mind towards inner peace. It frees you from worries.

Peace, freedom, love and happiness unfold inside of you in this protected space. You can clarify your questions with Madhukar. Ask him anything you ever wanted to know. Share your experiences during this intensive time and express whatever might burden you. Silence is an essential part of Satsang. There is also space for lots of fun, because Madhukar is fond of joking.

In an Advaita retreat Madhukar opens this most precious gateway for you so you can receive ultimate support. Effortlessly, absolute truth, relieve and the lightness of being reveal inside of you: the recognition of the ever-present pure consciousness which is the true and eternal Self.


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