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Madhukar in America 2018
April 18, 2018
Aloha Hawaii!
May 13, 2018

An incredible gift

"An incredible Gift" - A letter from the Easterretreat 2018 with the awakened Advaita-Master Madhukar in Oberstaufen, Germany. Peace, love, amazement about the miracle life.
 The Easter Retreat is still resonating in my heart, and it feels as if it has nested there. Peace does not leave my side any more. Peace is my best friend, my dearest beloved. All appears as this peace, within me. Thoughts come and go, patterns appear, emotions rise, yet peace is always there.
It feels as if the one who was seeking for significance, who found this nice and that ugly, judged and condemned, believed to be the doer, as if this someone has run out of air, like a firmly inflated balloon after bursting. The air is out and remaining is this divine peace, delicious love and amazement about the miracle life. What an incredible gift.



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