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Awakening – Retreat in India


This year again the unique three weeks silent retreat with Madhukar in Tiruvannamalai was a precious opportunity to dive into absolute reality. At the feet of Arunachala, the holy mountain in the south of India, where the famous Saint Sri Ramana Maharshi lived, where Papaji, the master of Madhukar met Ramana Maharshi – a very special retreat at a very special location. This place at Arunachala has a very strong presence, the power of silence can be perceived very intensively here and it helps melting into this silence.

Murugan, einer der Pfaue im Suddhananda-Ashram am heiligen Berg Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, Indien. Hier fand das Retreat "Awakening" ("Erwachen") mit Madhukar 2017 statt.
Being silent for three weeks

Being silent for three weeks in a traditional Indian ashram full of blossoming plants and beautiful peacocks. Satsang twice a day, yoga in the early morning, eating together healthy vegetarian-ayurvedic food in the dining hall, walks in the beautiful nature of the ashram, and time and space to dwell in the self, for self inquiry, for the clear orientation towards the self, your true nature.


Satsang is the most important thing here: being together in truth, which is the meaning of satsang, being together with the master, with Madhukar, who again and again points to absolute truth. In satsang, Madhukar is in silence with the participants. There is also space for clarifying questions or for just simply sharing the own experience during this intensive time. And space for lots of fun, because Madhukar is fond of joking. Silent peace, deep love, joy and happiness unfold in this protected space.

"The screen of the Self includes the seer and the seen - it is full of light." Ramana Maharshi - Retreat "Awakening" ("Erwachen") mit Madhukar 2017 in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, Indien.
Fullmoon Pradakshina

A special event is the fullmoon Pradakshina, a circumambulation of the holy mountain, which is said to be the embodiment of Shiva, the divine Lord of creation and destruction, the first yogi bringing yoga to the humans. The mountain Arunachala was the master of the Saint Ramana Maharshi, or as it is called in India: the guru. The circumambulation of Arunachala happens in the fullmoon night together with many other people who travel to Arunachala only for this tradition. All the people are walking clockwise and mostly barefoot around the mountain. The air is full of mantra singing. One can hear it all over the mountain, and all over there is the fragrance of incense. It is said that a wish kept in the heart consciously in silence during the Pradakshina will be fulfilled. This event is already very intensive, but the retreat participants say that together with Madhukar it is much deeper and an experience beyond everything they have experienced before.

Vollmond-Pradakshina um den heiligen Berg Arunachala mit Madhukar während des Retreats "Awakening" ("Erwachen") 2017 in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, Indien
A unique chance

This retreat with Madhukar at the feet of holy Arunachala is a unique chance to awaken and to realize your true nature.
A unique chance to realize that you are already free. The chance to live this life in freedom. To be the one who you are. To end the search for truth because there is nothing to search for anymore once you have found who you really are.


Yoga of Silence is joy! (Yoga der Stille ist Freude!) Madhukar während des Retreats "Awakening" ("Erwachen") 2017 in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, Indien


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  1. Shivani says:

    What a powerful place to sit with you. Vast power that stills the mind’s activity. Pure silence, love and a heart full of gratitude is the result. Thankful for that. Yours, Shivani

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