Ecstatic Dance as a Bridge to Meditation, Inner Peace and Happiness

Sitting relaxed in an attentive and meditative way is an essential part in our retreats. To counterbalance this sitting, the aspect of movement is beneficial, so we sometimes dance to add some juice, to add some vitality. The contemporary form of Ecstatic Dance can be an enrichment to meditation. It helps to align body, mind, heart and soul.

Dance is also a bridge to creativity, because through dance our body is simply saying yes to life. Without this vital energy of saying yes to life, we can’t really look at our issues with dignity, in a relaxed and loving way.

During dancing it can happen that thinking fades into the background and pure beingness can be experienced. Dancing also helps to cope with stress and to attain serenity. So Ecstatic Dance is an excellent means for getting prepared for Satsang.