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The forgotten Secret
October 21, 2018
Growing with Madhukar as a family is a huge blessing
December 26, 2018


On the last evening, when asked how I had experienced the Enlighten Life Retreat in Tuscany, I wasn’t able to answer anything, at first. I experienced the presence of the Self so intensely, the divinity so directly. So I just said: „It’s my nature!“

Beauty, free love, nature, healthy eating, a loving community and constant awareness are essential to me and, above all else, mean being happy as a human.
To experience that is pure grace!

Experiencing Madhukar as guru, in his unconditional love and devotion, his deep respect and unwavering courage, only gives me an idea of how limitless and pure his love for his Master is.

I am grateful to Madhukar, for giving all his life, to lead us to freedom, to love and to peace!

In great love and gratitude
Tina, Germany

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