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Enlighten Life Retreat In Sylt, North Sea

8 Days Enlighten Life Retreat in Sylt, North Sea, Germany

Madhukar Enlighten Life Offers 8 Days Advaita Vedanta – Non Duality – Self Inquiry and
Silent Meditation Retreat In Sylt, North Sea, Germany
Date: 15th August 2020 To 22th August 2020.

Find inner Peace! Recharge and regain your inner Strength through the Power of Silence!
Enjoy a greater Stress Tolerance, new emotional Balance and enduring Serenity.

Invitation to Enlighten your Life


Papaji and Madhukar in Satsang in Lucknow in 1994 (English; 1 hour 33 minutes) A rare, funny and poignant long form interview with Papaji.

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