Read about the experiences the participants had in the Silence Retreat at Arunachala this year: - Madhukar - Enlighten Life

Read about the experiences the participants had in the Silence Retreat at Arunachala this year:

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November 28, 2019
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April 5, 2020

Read about the experiences the participants had in the Silence Retreat at Arunachala this year:



I sat before a king,

Who wore no crown, who had no riches.

I sat before a man,

Whose eyes were blue, whose feet were bare,

I sat there and I found that all my feeble wishes,

Had dissolved in his light,

Dissolved in the air.

What remained I cannot speak of,

For words can do no more,

But between our eyes eternity danced,

And love was bright and sure.

This sweetness has not left me,

For it had not just arrived.

But was waiting like a patient friend,

Whose friendship never dies.

This King, this man, he was not either,

But God who’d come to play,

And when he played my doubts

In his rivers were washed away.

Charles Chamberlayne


Beloved Guruji!

Thank you for everything!

Thank you for everything you offered me, you did for me, took from me, gave me, showed me, taught me, revealed, clarified and so much more.

Thank you for the love you are. So sweet, deep and light and all pervading. Simple indescribable precious.

Thank you forever – now.

In deep gratitude



Beloved Master Sri Madhukarji,

During our Pradakshina around holy Sri Arunachala I recognized, how many misunderstandings the mind had created, and I perceived silence, warmth, feeling at ease and gratitude in a new way.

Thank you. With love




Dear Madhukar,

At the start of this retreat I didn’t understand – when I talked to all the people here – why all of them were so happy when they talked about you.

Some days after you took us to that rock I had that weird feeling about asking you for a hug, but I didn’t do it because I thought it was not possible. Well, the next day you gave me a hug without me asking you. What I felt I cannot explain, but it was so good. It was that good that I went to my room to cry because I couldn’t understand what was happening.

I never liked anybody to touch my Quartz-necklace. But yesterday I was thinking about how good it would be if you would touch it. Well this morning you asked me to take it without that I asked you to do.

Also this morning you said about my name: ‘you will see’. I took it like a joke but after some minutes I couldn’t stop thinking that I really like my name and I am not going to ask you for a new one yet because I am not ready for that. But I also have some trouble with it because my dad has the same name. So I am junior, because everything is all about him in my family. So sometimes I have this feeling that you can read my mind or something similar.

Then, in the afternoon after lunch I was reading The Simplest Way and there you say “universe works by itself”. Today I can understand how true that is.

So now I can understand why everybody is so happily talking about you. And every time someone will ask me about my experience with Madhukar I will talk even happier.

I can’t explain what I feel in this place and how happy I am now.

Thank you so much!



I am happy and thankful that I can be here with you at the feet of Arunachala. Every day you show me more of your wisdom.

In love and thankfulness




Beloved Guruji Madhukar,

This holy silence touches me deep in my heart and lets it overflow with gratitude. Thanks from the bottom of my heart that I can be at the Arunachala. Thanks also for the beautiful new name Atma. I feel blessed by it, free and enveloped in grace. Many thanks for the dissolving of my body programs. I am now powerful, rejuvenated and flexible. Thank you for the lightness of being. Thank you for the joy that fills my being. And thank you for the grace of a second Pradakshina. In the absence of thought my body moves effortlessly and lightly. I am here and now. I am happy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Beloved Madhukarji,

I just want to say thank you. Thanks also to the entire Sangha, who accepts all people as they are. Everybody and everyone is allowed to be as he or she is. Thanks to the organizers for their commitment and loving care. Thank you beloved Guruji for your love, your grace and your being.

In loving gratitude




Beloved Madhukarji,

I am very grateful to be here with you and the Sangha at the feet of Arunachala.

You presented a card to me and wrote that you trust me to appreciate the secret you offer to me. To appreciate That is most important to me. I felt some strong healing happening in my heart during the retreat. Very thankful also for your guidance inside and outside.




Dear Madhukarji,

The retreat is great. Now it feels like I am not a kid anymore. The kid who wants to put responsibilities for what is happening with him on somebody else. It is the adult retreat for an adult me. Ananda is back home again!! I did not ask you for this name, but if fits me so well!

Seven years ago, in the first retreat with you, I could not imagine what a tremendous fullness would open up to me. I only wanted to remove some old stinky problems, and you showed mit That! I was so happy! And I am happy now. How can I give you something back for what I got? At least I will treat it as the most precious treasure. I stay with it as much as I can. Whatever circumstances come.





Dear Madhukarji,

I would like to share a bit about my experience here.

Before I came here I thought I’ve got it all. I read a lot and watched so many Satsangs on youtube, and I thought I am almost enlightened.

And the first couple of days here were super sweet. I felt the sweetest love in my heart and I was sure that’s it. But after some time I think you turned on the real grill and all sorts of ideas and concepts came up. I inquired but nevertheless I came to a point where I really don’t know. Except for one thing: That your love in Satsang makes me softer and sweeter every time I see and listen to you.

Thank you



Girivalam was easy

As flying with God’s wings

Arunchala healed my wounds

And forgave my sins

Following Guruji’s advice

Truth is shockingly simple.

I am free now.



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