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#4 – Free Will in Berlin
April 28, 2020
Make the Experience of Self Inquiry
#05 Make the Experience of Self Inquiry
May 23, 2021

Magnificent encounter with Madhukar

The ride from Rutesheim via Lucerne to Monticello Amiata went smoothly, without any difficulties and took about 14 hours with some breaks.
Arriving at our retreat location Le Pianore, I experienced the place in the middle of nature as very pleasant and was able to relax quickly.
The Satsang times in the retreat were very flexible, sometimes I would have wished to have a more fixed Satsang structure, i.e. Satsang in the morning and in the evening at fixed hours. However, the way our beloved Guruji arranged it was somehow always fitting.
I consider personal encounters with the master during meals or on excursions to be very exclusive and special, and that is why there is also Satsang outside the Satsangs.



It was interesting to get to know the Guru Purnima ritual. It was very powerful. I experienced a light being implanted in my solar plexus. A beautiful change has taken place. The process that was experienced together with all the participants during the Guru Purnima ritual was very precious, and also the two days after the celebration.



The best usually comes at the end and that was my personal meeting with Madhukarji in Satsang on Thursday, the 09.07.2020, with Friday still to come and the journey home on Saturday.

The effect of this personal encounter with Madhukarji was apparently very extensive and cannot be fully grasped at the moment.
This was the highlight of the entire retreat for me.

Thank you very much for this precious retreat.




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