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July 17, 2016
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July 24, 2016

Realization without a manual

Experience report Yoga of Silence

It must have been in September last year when I heard about it for the first time. RamDas told me about it. Yoga of Silence – realization through silence. What? Simply just by silence? Without instructions? Unimaginable for me, working as a coach, trainer and consultant. No training without a sophisticated concept, a detailed training, without a specific training design, in coaching I use questioning techniques.

I was fascinated. And very curious and I wanted to know more…

Saturday one week ago I finally had the opportunity to speak with RamDas more in detail and he told me that the very next day Yoga of Silence would take place in Ulm. I did not have to think for long before I decided to go there. I wanted to experience it… So I drove to Ulm, my home town where I was born – nice coincidence.

From the very beginning, starting with the welcoming, I was touched by the respectful and loving interaction of the participants. No instruction, so I was just watching and simply did what the others were doing. A very friendly support I received being told that I should sit in the front, being here the first time, and already should occupy a seat. So now we had the first 45 minutes silence period. With Madhukar, who has an unbelievable strong presence and a very loving and positive radiance. After the silence period he spoke to us. To me “thankfulness” was the most important thing of what he said. To be thankful…

I experienced the long eye contacts as very intense and pleasant when he was beaming at each participant – also at me – with his bright shining eyes. Well I cannot really express it differently. Very good to sit in front… After the lunch break we had the second silence period. There we were told to sense our true Self, which is not the everyday-I that we know. Then Madhukar was gone again… I am happy that my two biggest fears have not come true: I did not fall asleep and in my head it did not continue thinking. I really did come to rest. In the second silence period I even got an idea – at least a trace – of my true Self. Is this possible?

Driving home I was asking questions again. I am an analytical person so I want to understand, but it seems it cannot be explained. But now I would be blessed! Ok, and how do I notice this, by what means did this happen and when, I asked myself. However, these questions are no longer loud because somehow it does not matter, because it is just feeling good, even without explanation.

A week later I was still thinking about Yoga of Silence. And I have the impression that my thinking and my experiencing have changed somehow. I am much more conscious, more thankful, and I now can focus and concentrate on the essentials. I am feeling much more inner peace and happiness. ‚Something‘ seems to have worked out very well. Thank you RamDas for the impulse and the invitation. Thank you Madhukar for the silence.



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