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Enlighten Life Retreat Oberstaufen, Germany

6 Days Enlighten Life Retreat in Lake Oberstaufen, Germany
Madhukar Enlighten Life Offers 6 Days Advaita Vedanta – Non Duality – Self Inquiry and
Silent Meditation Retreat in Oberstaufen, Germany
Thursday 9th April 2020 – Tuesday 14th April 2020.

A relaxed Enlighten Life Retreat with Madhukar in Oberstaufen, where you learn to find inner peace. 

Satsang, consisting of meditative silence and support, is held twice daily. 

Let‘s explain: Satsangs are gatherings where busy minds cool down.
Through silence, meditation, dialogue, music and ecstatic dance. 

In Madhukar’s mere presence you experience a tranquil state of consciousness. His clear guidance helps you to uncover your natural authenticity. That enhances wisdom and nurtures your mind towards inner peace. 

Someone who seeks peace and freedom is naturally drawn to the mountains. Oberstaufen offers magnificent panoramic views up to the Swiss Alps. The pearl of the Allgäu combines modern lifestyle and alpine tradition in a marvelous way. 

In the morning enjoy a sumptuous breakfast and then we meditate together. During lunch your eyes graze over the gently rolling hills. In the afternoon you have plenty of options to choose from: Relax and release by taking a rest, wellness & sauna, golfing, playing tennis, cycling or hiking. Bring some sturdy footwear for the legendary trek with Madhukar.
In the evening, true peace reveals itself during Satsang with Madhukar: Thoughts fade and give way to inner silence. And that is, amidst the mountains, your greatest bliss! 

The retreat starts on Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 6 pm and ends April 14, 2020, after lunch at 2 pm. Retreat languages are English, Dutch and German. In addition, free Yoga classes are offered. 

You are welcome to join! 

The aim is to explore and realize the perennial, non-dual understanding that lies at the heart of all the ancient spiritual traditions, such as Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, the Vedas of Hinduism, mystical Christianity, Zen, Tao, Dzog-Chen, Shamanism and Sufism. Here we will plumb the depths of the logos of Being, of eternity. You will learn about, understand and gain your true blissful nature, which is underlying, as the ever-present reality, all of our own experiences.

Madhukar – Enlighten Life is a contemporary, experiential approach of Jnana Yoga, the Yoga of Wisdom. The Enlighten Life retreats and events offer an unique, direct transmission of knowledge through Satsang. They include meditation, dialogue, silence, guided meditation, and other modern techniques of mastery which will support you. It requires no affiliation to any particular religious or spiritual tradition. All that is required is an interest in freedom, the essential nature of experience. And a longing for love and peace, the desire for meaningfulness and happiness, around which most of our lives revolve. 

Madhukar Ji Enlighten Life Self Inquiry Advaita Vedanta enlightened master

About Madhukar, Founder of Madhukar – Enlighten Life

Madhukar is a direct disciple of Papaji (Sri H.W.L. Poonja), the „Lion of Lucknow“, whose Guru was the famous sage of Arunachala, Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Born in Germany in 1957, Madhukar began already in his youth to ask a multitude of spiritual questions which grew more urgent after an experience of Oneness and a near-death experience. After experiencing a spontaneous Kundalini awakening, Madhukar ended his professional career and became a student of the Dzogchen Master Namkhai Norbu and continued looking for absolute truth. This search ended in 1992 in India where he met Sri H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji). Madhukar had arrived at his Master who ultimately awakened him to his own true nature. Read More

Who can join this Enlighten Life Retreat?

No matter where you stand in life, regardless of where you are on your spiritual path, our Enlighten Life retreats can provide exactly what helps you to step into the next evolution of your life’s journey.

  • Anyone who is motivated and enthusiastic about living a fuller, more generous, joyful and ecstatic life. Everyone looking for self-awareness, personal growth, and meditation. Anyone wanting an insight into the true nature of reality.
  • Yoga and Meditation Teachers, Alternative Healers and Therapists, Doctors, Social Workers, School teachers, Life Coaches, Holistic health practitioners, Creative People and Artists.
  • The ones who have achieved a lot in their life, but missing inner peace, happiness and the purpose of life. For More Info.

Why Enlighten Life Retreats with Madhukar?

Madhukar’s sole concern is to enable people to enlighten their lives.

In the Enlighten Life retreats with Madhukar you will receive the most effective guidance to happiness. In his presence you experience a tranquil state of consciousness. That enhances wisdom and nurtures your mind towards inner peace and freedom.   

  • Enlighten Life retreat will help you in developing objectivity in life, which is essential for leading a smooth, meaningful and purposeful life.
  • The Enlighten Life retreats have proven to enhance mental clarity and emotional balance.
  • They are great helpers to experience joy and fulfillment in your life. Participants are being recorded to be jubilant about finding peace. For More Info.

Info About Satsangs During Enlighten Life Retreats.

Satsang is the most important thing here. Satsangs are gatherings where busy minds cool down. Through silence, self-inquiry, meditation, dialogue, music, mantras and ecstatic dance. People from all over the world and different background attend.

It is a celebration of presence and beingness. An invitation to recognize the profound nature of who we really are. Satsang is a unique chance to realize peace and happiness as your true nature.

Satsang means literally ‘meeting in truth’. It also means being with a Master who has realized the truth. Madhukar points you in Satsang to the underlying, unchangeable reality of all existence. In his presence and guidance you experience a tranquil state of consciousness. That enhances wisdom and nurtures your mind towards inner peace. It frees you from worries.

In Satsang, Madhukar opens this most precious gateway for you so you can receive ultimate support. Effortlessly, absolute truth, relieve and the lightness of being reveal inside of you: the recognition of the ever-present pure consciousness which is the true and eternal Self. More Info About Satsang’s With Madhukar Ji

Info About Non-Duality and Advaita Vedanta Meditation During
Enlighten Life Retreats

Advaita is the bliss to be one with oneself and the world. Advaita is a term from Sanskrit and means literally ‘Not-Two’ or Non-Duality. Vedanta means ‘End of knowledge’. Freely translated, this implies that all knowledge comes to its end in the experience of Non-Duality of mind and matter. Advaita is a philosophical direction from India indicating the indivisible Oneness. Whilst elsewhere is made a difference between creation, creator and creatures, in Advaita there is only the One which manifests itself in infinite different forms. Therefore, in the end, the perception of any form, the one who is perceiving and the perceived object are an indivisible whole in its essence.

About Silence Meditation During Enlighten Life Retreats

In the history of all religions there are well-known stories about the Divine or God revealing in silence. Silence is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the ground of being. In silence inner peace and happiness reveal.

In Madhukar’s silence meditation, no physical or mental exercises (e.g. Asanas) are practiced. It is aimed at direct self-realization. In classical philosophical terms one speaks of self-consciousness or self-awareness. In the yogic traditions, “silence” denominates the timeless basis of existence, in which everything comes into being and vanishes again.

Madhukar: “Silence is the mightiest power in the universe. Through silence we can give up the importance of the own person and recognize our freedom.” More info About Silent Meditation

Spiritual, Physical, Mental & Emotional Benefits of the Enlighten Life Retreats

Participating in a retreat with Madhukar offers the chance to turn away from the emotional turbulences, moving beyond the inner and outer noise, right into silence, beauty and expanded awareness.

  • An Enlighten Life retreat support you in gaining consistency of purpose and lighten up areas of ignorance. Obstacles can be overcome and blockades and hindrances may dissolve.
  • During his Enlighten Life retreats, Madhukar introduces seekers to Advaita Vedanta, he shows how it can be recognized and lived. This includes the understanding how to discriminate between the real and the unreal.
  • During his Enlighten Life retreat you will receive clear guidance to Inner Peace and Happiness. Clarity and joy of life through Advaita.
  • Enlighten Life retreat will help you in developing objectivity in life, which is essential for leading a smooth, meaningful and purposeful life.
  • Get effective effective guidance to true happiness.
  • Get effective one-on-one guidance by Madhukar to break quickly through obstacles and to remove hindrances.
  • In most of the Enlighten Life retreats, optionally free Yoga classes are offered. You can benefit from all the great impacts physical Yoga can have on all levels of the body-mind-system. For More Spiritual Benefits of Enlighten Life Retreats

6 Days Enlighten Life Retreats In Lake Oberstaufen, Germany
Madhukar Enlighten Life Offers 6 Days Advaita Vedanta – Non Duality – Self Inquiry and
Silent Meditation Retreat In Oberstaufen, Germany
Thursday 9th April 2020 – Tuesday 14th April 2020.

Retreat Schedule:

  • The retreat starts on Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 6 pm and ends April 14, 2020 after lunch, at 2 pm.
  • Retreat languages are English and German.
  • In addition, free Yoga classes are offered. You are welcome to join!


  • Price for accommodation at Hotel evviva! with vegetarian full board. (To be paid directly to Hotel evviva!)
  • Per person / per night
  • Single room 116 €
  • Double room 99 €
  • The city of Oberstaufen charges a visitor’s tax of currently 2,60 € per night.
  • Room booking directly at Hotel evviva!
  • Hotel evviva!

Karl-Heinz Riedle Aktiv- und Tagungshotel, Kalzhoferstrasse 50, D-87534 Oberstaufen, Phone: +49 8386 9 32 90,Email: info@evviva.de – www.evviva.de

Arrival Info

Drive on the A7 until the Allgäu triangle. From the A81, from Singen on, drive to Oberstaufen via Friedrichshafen. The hotel evviva! is located on the outskirts and is signposted.