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Growing with Madhukar as a family is a huge blessing
December 26, 2018
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March 17, 2020

Self-inquiry wanted!

I was looking for someone in the lineage of Ramana Maharshi who could give me a practical understanding of Self-inquiry. I had read many books, mainly Ramana Maharshi’s traditional dialogues, visited some retreats by teachers – but there remained gaps in my understanding.

That’ s how I came to this retreat with Madhukar on the island of Sylt. I have to say: I got a lot there: a beautiful place with lots of good air, fragrant heath in full bloom, a group of very nice people. I got answers to questions that were present at that time and also a celebration of life around it, as it turned out, from moment to moment: having a glass of wine together in Sylt bars, hiking alone and together with the whole group, singing, bathing in the sea and lots more!

To Self-inquiry: The hint I received, to perceive in the morning, while waking up, who or what was “waking up” and dwelling with it, led to a clearer differentiation between the thinking mind and the one who thinks. To then “bathe” in it. I now have a slight clue, that there could be a gradual change in identification. That what often happened before as “heart ecstasy” and made me uneasy, because I had no name for it, is now intensifying again. “I” am able to let it be (to leave it alone) and simply enjoy it.

Many thanks for these beautiful, persistently inspiring days to Madhukar and Sangha!


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