About Silence Meditation during Enlighten Life Retreats

“Your nature is Silence and it is not attainable, It always Is.” ~ Papaji

Discover Deep Inner Peace Through Silence Meditation

In the history of all religions there are well-known stories about the Divine or God revealing in silence. Silence is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the ground of being. In silence inner peace and happiness reveal. Discover this in silence meditation.

Inner and outer silence channels more energy into healing, working on both, physical and mental level. It allows body and mind to relax and gives room for reflection. With silence meditation, you give yourself the chance to realize your inner peace and freedom. You can detect that love and happiness are already here, inside of you, always available to you.

In Madhukar’s silence meditation, no physical or mental exercises (e.g. Asanas) are practiced. It is aimed at direct self-realization. In classical philosophical terms one speaks of self-consciousness or self-awareness. In the yogic traditions, “silence” denominates the timeless basis of existence, in which everything comes into being and vanishes again.

“Simply sit down, keep quiet. keep quiet for one moment. this is the moment you need, this is the moment of rest. keep quiet for a moment without going to the past and you will find relaxation.”
~ Papaji

The core of this silence meditation is to focus on this silence in order to become “one” with it. This means to become quieter inwardly.

In this context the experience of silence is not to be understood as a temporary meditative self-absorption. Rather more, the point is to merge into limitless consciousness. The resulting self-perception is said to be the basis for more serenity and taking joy in life.

Being in silence meditation means we reconnect with our source and getting fed and nourished by it with clarity, strength and happiness. Because silence is the origin of all beings, the love and peace radiating from it spreads out through us to others, helping them in their life without us having to do anything for it. So it not only gives us peace of mind, it is also the most effective way to contribute to universal peace.

Madhukar: “Silence is the mightiest power in the universe. Through silence meditation we can give up the importance of the own person and recognize our freedom.”

  • Detect that love and happiness is always available inside of you.
  • Allow the healing power of silence.
  • Get nourished with clarity and strength.
  • Recognize your freedom.
  • Allow the mind to unwind and to reflect.
  • Contribute to world peace.

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