Spiritual Benefits of Advaita Vedanta and the Enlighten Life Retreats

  1. Advaita is that facet of beingness which shifts our life from the mundane to the Divine. It is the end of the spiritual search, revealing the final goal, absolute truth, the divine reality, which is also the answer to the ultimate question “Who am I?”
  2. Non-duality is the human experience of being one with all things and all beings, the knowledge of connectedness and identity with the entire universe. It is the ultimate intimacy with everything.
  3. Entering Advaita means melting into unity with yourself, with your true “I”, the eternal.
  4. Turning towards Advaita reveals inner peace, lasting happiness and universal unconditional love. In the crystal clear clarity of Advaita lies the understanding of the meaning of life and its purpose. You can realize that you always have been free.
  5. Advaita is indicating the indivisible Oneness, that there is only the One which manifests itself in infinite different forms. Therefore, in the end, the perception of any form, the one who is perceiving and the perceived object are an indivisible whole in its essence.
  6. Advaita means liberation from the fetters of all conceptions and notions, disclosing the timeless basis of existence in which everything comes into being and vanishes again.
  7. The gateway of realizing Advaita is the Advaita Master, who is the living embodiment of Advaita itself. By focusing on him, the realized being, through his presence, the timeless source of existence can be recognized as the own Self.
  8. The realization of Advaita gets transmitted through the Advaita Master, being in his company, especially by focusing on him in his Satsang. Means are self-inquiry and surrender, which happen naturally while turning towards Advaita. Also clarifying dialogs with the Master in Satsang help to realize final truth.
  9. In Advaita you are invited to open up to the grace of the now that is flowing plentiful and endlessly.
  10. When you enter into this reality of Advaita, when for once you consciously understand it, you achieve that most precious thing: the joy of Oneness.
  11. During his Enlighten Life retreats, Madhukar introduces seekers to Advaita Vedanta, he shows how it can be recognized and lived. This includes the understanding how to discriminate between the real and the unreal.
  12. An Enlighten Life retreat can support you in gaining consistency of purpose and lighten up areas of ignorance. Obstacles can be overcome and blockades and hindrances may dissolve.
  13. Enlighten Life retreats with Madhukar are an offer to step out of old behavior patterns and leave restrictive conditionings and structures, opening up to a life of abundance, well-being and fulfilment.
  14. Attending the Enlighten Life retreat helps getting rid of complexes in life like superiority and inferiority complexes. It supports sound thinking, positive emotions and selfless actions. It helps in working with dedication, perseverance and steadfastness to achieve nobler ideals of life.
  15. While fading thoughts clear the space again for the beauty surrounding you, the Master is guiding you deeper and deeper into silence – a revelation unfolds.
  16. Your life can change: duties and routines, days and nights can give way to something mysterious. The Eros of truth. A mystery of presence and consciousness. Clarity, a life lived in joy.