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20 years of Satsang with Madhukar
July 18, 2018
November 4, 2018

The forgotten Secret

Four people were travelling from Sweden through Denmark to Sylt. All of us have attended an Enlighten Life Retreat with Madhukar before, in Sweden, in many other countries of Europe and in India, so we were all eager to sit in peace once again together with him.

At the retreat place, I lived in a small house by myself some fifty metres from the beach. So when we arrived I went right down to the beach to greet the ocean, and it welcomed me with a big water-hug.

Every morning we all together started with thirty minutes of silence in the Satsang room, followed by yoga – the best way to start the day, directing focus from the outer to the inner, letting go what needs to go, and making room for the new. This way we could see that it was only covered with thoughts which we were clinging to, in the belief that they would make us happy, be it worldly or spiritual ones.

To remain aware of one’s awareness without being spread out and lost in thoughts reveals true spirituality – Satsang!

Madhukar reminds us of our awareness, and prompts us again and again to stay with awareness as a means to realize one’s eternal nature. It is the already known but forgotten secret. We are all seeking it – the ultimate contentment. This reminder from the Master is necessary, because we tend to get lost in a myriad of thoughts.

Madhukar is a true helper for anyone who wants to live a more peaceful life. He says: “It is already here, we just have to tune into it.”

Something happens within, when twenty Satsang participants gather around a Master. A new kind of energy is felt. It becomes easier to discover illusions. This can be very joyful. We all have made the experience that Madhukar is helping us. In fact, everything he does can be seen as a teaching. His words, his look, his entire life is an example of a life lived in truth.

In Satsang we also share the silence that we love so much. I can’t really explain what happens in an Enlighten Life Retreat with Madhukar. I wish I could. But there are no words to explain it. To be near Madhukar who lives in Oneness is extremely beneficial. It is the best that happened to me in my life.
If someone opens the door to eternity, one true being, and says: “Hey, come inside! Let’s stay together,” it is very unwise and foolish to turn into another direction.

I recall my first encounter with Madhukar. It was a great relief to finally meet somebody who was serious and who wouldn’t bullshit me.

I experienced profound peace the very first time our eyes met. I felt deeply then that this meeting was something special. Later that evening, the Master and I made a deal. He said: “Whenever you have a question, you ask it. It doesn’t matter if I sit in silence or if I am speaking. You just ask.” I agreed on the deal, but never broke his silence. And through his guidance, his silence and with the help of this powerful Master lineage, I arrived at the peace that I was looking for within only a couple of days. And it was very different from all those concepts I had tried so hard to understand before.

This experience turns the world into a mystery. Satsang is a timeless, resting place were all questions end. Now, if one can appreciate this, the thoughtless, stateless state – which is the substratum of everything – is enough.

Madhukar is here for us. And he offers a helping hand simply by staying as the peace that he is. If clarification is needed, he can help with that too, to dispel thought-illusions. Thus making one’s peace obvious. So that our life can be lived in the peace and silence, which we have been seeking for so long. It is life’s purpose. It is the ending of the long search.

Through Madhukar’s Satsang the world reveals its great mystery. Nothing can compare to this beauty. This emptiness is giving silent answers. And so the answers are of the nature of silence, where noisy concepts have no access. Concepts are dreams, dreamt by the universe (which really has no name) itself. This can be discovered in the silence of Satsang. That is the trick and the grace from the Guru: His silence. Madhukar is a living proof of that.

It is also the ease during this week in the Enlighten Life Retreat with Madhukar, that I really appreciate. The days have no fixed schedule, but are left open to be created by him and by us. On the second day there was a concert for violin and piano at our retreat place. We listened to the wonderful works from Edvard Grieg, Johan Svendsen, Claude Debussy and others, just before Satsang. The third day we had a walk together at another part of the beautiful island of Sylt. We took a rest at a restaurant nearby, relaxing with some coffee or a beer in good company. We also had a wonderful evening of chanting in the Satsang room, as well as a hot afternoon with sauna and a swim in the ocean.

For those who have a genuine interest in Oneness or an acute need for peace in their life and a deep dissatisfaction with what life has brought so far, an Enlighten Life Retreat with Madhukar can make a real difference. It is a great fortune to be with a Master, who has devoted his entire life to help us.

Hare Om!
Sinhaka, Sweden

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