Satsang - Madhukar - Enlighten Life


Guidance towards inner peace


Satsang brings you to inner peace. It frees you from worries.

Satsang is a unique chance to realize peace and happiness as your true nature.

Let's explain: Satsangs are gatherings where busy minds cool down. Through silence, meditation, dialogue, music and dance.

With Madhukar’s presence and guidance you experience a tranquil state of consciousness. That enhances wisdom and nurtures the mind towards inner peace.

People from all over the world and various backgrounds attend. We meditate. We listen and reflect. We dance. We laugh. We might chant mantras. The healthy effect of meditation and chanting is proven by now.

Through all this an anxious mind bothering about the past or future is drawn back into the present and experiences a more objective understanding how to enlighten life.

A lighter life. An enlightened life. 

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Papaji and Madhukar in Satsang in Lucknow in 1994 (English; 1 hour 33 minutes) A rare, funny and poignant long form interview with Papaji.

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