Guidance towards inner peace

What is Satsang?

Satsang brings you to inner peace. It frees you from worries.

Satsang is a unique chance to realize peace and happiness as your true nature.

Let's explain: Satsangs are gatherings where busy minds cool down. Through silence, meditation, dialogue, music and dance.

With Madhukar’s presence and guidance you experience a tranquil state of consciousness. That enhances wisdom and nurtures the mind towards inner peace.

People from all over the world and various backgrounds attend. We meditate. We listen and reflect. We dance. We laugh. We might chant mantras. The healthy effect of meditation and chanting is proven by now.

Through all this an anxious mind bothering about the past or future is drawn back into the present and experiences a more objective understanding how to enlighten life.

A lighter life. An enlightened life. 

Isn't it much promised - to live an easier or enlightened life through Satsang? You may encounter these doubts and many more. You will find out only when you try it. Up to this point, everything has been said about Satsang that might be interesting. Now there are some answers to questions - but you can skip them if they are not important to you.

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What does Satsang mean?

The word Satsang comes from Sanskrit and is composed of two syllables: sat (highest truth) + sangha (community). We can translate it as "being together in truth" or "being together with truth" or "being together with someone who has realized this highest truth". So we could call satsang being with the guru. A guru is also a consciousness teacher.

Who is the right one to be in satsang?

If you ask yourself, "How can I become enlightened?" then you are right in satsang. But since there are so many myths around enlightenment & awakening, I don't like to limit it to that at all. Therefore, you are especially right if you want to arrive at this moment, if you just want an easy life.

Satsang Tour 2023

To always know in which cities a retreat or event is taking place, it is best to check the current events page. You can also sign up for the newsletter on the home page - then you will get the news directly in your email inbox. The last two years the dates were not so easy to plan - so it's good to check back every now and then or to enter your email.

You can experience Satsang in a retreat or in an event in a city. These meetings do not only take place in the ashram in India - it can also be in your living room when Madhukar is invited there and this Satsang is then live. Since more than two years there is Satsang with Madhukar not only live, but also online. These online Satsangs take place via Zoom and you can find the dates on the page with the current events. If you are impatient, watch a Satsang video. Either at YouTube or best the video in which Madhukar asked his Guruji very crucial questions.

What kind of music is there in Satsang?

Traditionally in Satsang mantras, bhajans or kirtans are played and sung. The most famous is probably the Gayatri Mantra. Have you ever felt how it feels to be carried by the sounds of music in satsang? I think it's impossible to describe - you have to experience it. It can't be compared to anything.

Satsang and Om

Madhukar usually sounds the Om sound in satsang. It is said that the whole universe is built on this sound. And I have heard Madhukar say that this sound alone can lead to liberation - on a daily basis.

Quotes from Satsang

We also like to call these quotes from the Satsang master words. Suri and Shivani made two podcast episodes about this. They are in German. The first part is available here and you can listen to the second part here. These quotes go from the ear directly to the heart - that's why the podcast episodes have this title. You find plenty of quotes from Satsang on the Facebook page.


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