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There was light streaming from his eyes
July 30, 2017
Merely being
September 7, 2017

How to be free

And now even more Dolce Vita. Renato shares his experience during this retreat in Tuscany in an interview by Arati.


A: How do you like it being here?
R: It’s very nice. Nice nature, nice people and spending time with Madhukar is always great.

A: What is your experience during this retreat?
R: The most important is that Madhukarji showed me how to feel free.
This is the most important thing that I have experienced here in this retreat.

A: And is there something which you will take over in your so called daily life when you return back home to Slowenia?
R: Yeah, I will definitely sit in silence every day and I will practice what I learned here – like relaxed belly breathing – and I will question myself ‘Who am I?’. To see where thoughts and emotions arise.

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