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Satsang and Advaita Meditation

Madhukar’s intense presence and practical guidance have profoundly transformed the lives of many and helped some of the world’s top performers to reach an inner contentment, never experienced before.

Enlighten Life Meditation Retreat

In an Enlighten Life Retreat with Madhukar you learn to find inner peace. During Satsang points the guru at peace as your true nature. Through guided Advaita meditation and self-inquiry or Atma Vichara you realise that peace has always been your essential being.

Satsang, consisting of meditative silence and support, is usually held twice daily. Let’s explain: Satsangs are gatherings where busy minds cool down. Through silence, meditation, dialogue, music, mantras and ecstatic dance. In Madhukar’s presence you are able to easily relax into silence. Thus you experience a new harmony. His clear guidance shows you how to sustain this balance in your daily life.

Silence is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the ground of being. In silence inner peace and happiness reveals.

  • Recharge and regain your inner strenght
  • Find lasting peace
  • Relax and enjoy a greater stress tolerance
  • Sustain harmony and enduring serenity
  • Sahaja Samadhi or natural enlightenment
  • Effective guidance to happiness

“Amazing! You shut up my troubling mind!”

Yana, Russia

"What an amazing relaxation!"

Anna-Riitta, Finland

(Participants of the last Enlighten Life Online Retreat)

In den Enlighten Life Retreats mit Madhukar lernst du inneren Frieden zu finden. Im Satsang verweist der Guru auf deine wahre Natur, nämlich Frieden. Durch geführte Advaita Meditation und Selbstergründung oder Atma-Vichara realisierst du das Friede immer schon deine Essenz war.

Satsang, bestehend aus meditativer Stille und Unterweisung, findet üblicherweise zweimal täglich statt. Ganz konkret: Satsangs sind Events, bei denen der unruhige Verstand zur Ruhe kommt. Durch Stille, Meditation, Dialog, Musik, Mantren und Ecstatic Dance. Durch Madhukars Präsenz und Zuwendung gelingt es leicht in die Stille einzutauchen. Dadurch erfährst du eine neue Harmonie. Seine klare Anleitung ermöglicht es, diese Balance im Alltag weiterzuleben.

Stille ist die mächtigste Kraft im Universum. Sie ist der Seinsgrund von Allem. In Stille offenbaren sich innerer Frieden und Glück.

  • Schöpfe Kraft durch Stille
  • Finde dauerhaften Frieden
  • Tiefenentspannung und erhöhte Stresstoleranz
  • Genieße neue Balance und Gelassenheit im Alltag
  • Sahaja Samadhi oder natürliche Erleuchtung
  • Erhalte effektive Anleitung zum Glücklichsein

Advaita or Jnana Yoga

Advaita is the bliss to be one with oneself and the world.

Das Glück mit sich selbst und der Welt eins zu sein nennt man Advaita.

”Thank you for the key to be Free! Danke für den Schlüssel um FREI zu sein!"

Norman, Nuremberg, Germany

"Sie sind immer bei mir!"

Philip, Vienna, Austria

(Participants of the last Enlighten Life Online Retreat)

Now – Presence and Deeper Consciousness

Consciousness is! That‘s all there is.
The ordinary man oversees this as he sees and experiences the world through his mind.
In the Enlighten Life Retreats we first become aware again of the Now - the presence beyond any sensation, any notion and any perception. We become present. Once we are present we become aware of consciousness itself.
Consciousness - a mysterious underlying force independent from body and mind.
Free from our story, free from the conceptualization of our mind.
By putting awareness on consciousness, consciousness on consciousness itself, this deeper consciousness reveals itself as reality beyond space and time:  The Advaita Reality.

"Being aware.
Being aware means having consciousness
focused on consciousness itself, without any distance, neither in time nor in space.
Being awareness. Being Now. Living the Advaita Reality."


The Advaita Reality

In the Enlighten Life Retreats one receives a powerful tool to conquer the troublesome mind, the robber of peace. This tool is Atma-Vichara or Self-inquiry. By applying Self-inquiry one realizes that the subject-object separation is merely a play of the mind.
A non-dual reality reveals itself. Oneness instead of Duality.
A calm expanse. Presence. Deeper Consciousness in which life still manifests according to its play but one is independent and free in appreciation and gratitude.

”You can breathe, you are still and everything lights up.”

Carolina, Austria

(Participant of the last Enlighten Life Online Retreat)

Silent Retreat or Silence Retreat

A silent retreat with Madhukar is a unique possibility where daily routine, guidance, and the practice of meditation together present a space of simplicity and clarity…rarely experienced in our ordinary lives. This is a unique opportunity to explore and understand ourselves, our own minds and the world around us without stress or distraction.

Stille Retreat

Ein Stilleretreat mit Madhukar ist eine einzigartige Möglichkeit, anhand einer täglichen Routine, hilfreicher Erläuterung und Ausübung von Meditation einen Raum der Klarheit zu erfahren, den wir im Alltag selten erfahren. Das ermöglicht uns sich selbst wahrzunehmen und den eigenen Geist ohne jeglichen Stress zu verstehen, und darüber die Welt völlig neu wahrzunehmen.

Advaita Meditation

A daily "practice" of Advaita meditation, for example half an hour in the morning to start the day, is recommended for the seeker, the student, the disciple and the devotee. One becomes aware of the underlying consciousness, a mystery always untouched by thought and emotion. Central in the Advaita meditation is furthermore the inquiry with the essential question 'Who am I?'.

Eine tägliche "Ausübung" von Advaita Meditation, beispielsweise morgens eine halbe Stunde um den Tag zu beginnen, ist empfehlenswert für den Sucher, den Schüler und den Devotee. Man wird sich des immer währenden unterliegenden Bewusstseins gewahr, ein Mysterium das unberührt von Gedanken und Gefühlen ist. Zentral ist darüber hinaus Selbstergründung mit der essentiellen Frage "Wer bin ich?".


Satsang brings you to inner peace. It frees you from worries.

Satsang is an unique chance to realize. To realize peace as your true nature.

Let's explain: Satsangs are gatherings where busy minds cool down.

Through meditation, dialogue, music and dance. With the presence of Madhukar and his guidance you experience a peaceful state of consciousness. That enhances wisdom and nurtures the mind towards inner peace.

People from all over the world and different backgrounds attend. We meditate. We listen. Reflect. We dance. We might chant mantras, the rejuvenating effect is proven by now. We enjoy the Now.

Through all this an anxious mind worrying about the past or future is drawn back to the present and experiences a more objective understanding how to enlighten life:

A lighter life. An enlightened life.


“Self-inquiry, Atma Vichara, is the only direct method”, said Ramana Maharshi, the Guru of my master Papaji. He recommended self-inquiry with the question ‘Who am I?’ until one has realized the real I, the underlying eternal substratum.

to be continued

Advaita Meditation, Satsang and Enlighten Life Retreat with Madhukar

Advaita Meditation, Satsang und Enlighten Life Retreats mit Madhukar


The meaning of Advaita

You don’t know the meaning?

Advaita means: I am That.

Pure consciousness in which everything comes and goes. Not two - unseperated Oneness.

Do not accept this deception of the mind: I am not mature, I am weak, I am unworthy, and so on.

There is only one consciousness. You are that! On this consciousness you focus consciousness itself. Consequently all dreams vanish.

Everything dissolves in this.

Die Bedeutung von Advaita

Du kennst die Bedeutung nicht?

Advaita bedeutet: Ich bin Das.

Reines Bewusstsein, in dem alles kommt und geht. Nicht zwei - ungetrenntes EINSSEIN.

Akzeptiere den Betrug des Geistes nicht: ich bin nicht reif, ich bin schwach, ich bin unwürdig, und so weiter.

Es gibt nur ein Bewusstsein. Du bist’s! Richte dieses Bewusstsein auf Bewusstsein selbst aus. Dann verschwinden alle Träume.

Alles löst sich auf hierin.

Online Retreat via Zoom

Online retreats are meant to support your quest for freedom. Free Online Satsangs are meant to reach a wider public who is interested in spiritual awakening. One of the last talks of Madhukar reached 230.000 viewers on Facebook within days.

Participants of the Online Retreats and Online Satsangs are amazed about the powerful transmission and the clarity and presence of Madhukar.

The current Corona crisis asks for a modern response to host events. Therefore we offer FREE Online Satsangs and chargeable Online Retreats. The response is overwhelming. Participants are very enthusiastic about the benefits as their testimonials on the Social Media show. Some state how special it is to have the Advaita master right in their living room.

Online Retreat mit Zoom

Online-Retreats unterstützen dein Streben nach Freiheit.  Kostenlose Online-Satsangs dienen dazu eine breitere Öffentlichkeit zu erreichen, die an spirituellem Erwachen interessiert ist.  Einer der letzten Talks von Madhukar erreichte innerhalb weniger Tage 230.000 Zuschauer auf Facebook.

Die Teilnehmer der Online Retreats und Online Satsangs sind erstaunt über die kraftvolle Übertragung und die Klarheit und Präsenz von Madhukar.

Die aktuelle Corona-Krise erfordert eine moderne Version von Events.  Daher bieten wir KOSTENLOSE Online-Satsangs und kostenpflichtige Online-Retreats an.

Die Resonanz ist überwältigend.  Die Teilnehmer sind begeistert wie die zahlreichen Testimonials in den sozialen Medien zeigen.  Einige beschreiben wie besonders es ist, den Advaita-Meister direkt in ihrem Wohnzimmer zu haben.

Power of Love Online Retreat

"Human Love is most attractive to all of us. We love to love and to receive love in return.

Divine Love is even more gratifying. It is showering us with Peace and Bliss.

In this upcoming Online Retreat Power of Love I will reflect and speak about both, human love and divine love.

And I will guide you to a deeper understanding of love, of self-love and transcendental love.

Another focus of this Holistic Retreat will be the strengthening of your immune-system, so important in these times.

To harmonise your body, mind and emotions we will apply Pranayama, breathing exercises, guided meditation and the effective methods of Enlighten Life, like health advices, diet suggestions and much more.

Additionally you can make use of our daily Free Yoga classes to rejuvenate body and mind.

Find happiness, serenity, and true love together with me in the Power of Love Online Retreat!"


Freedom versus captivity

“You must do this and this, and this and this to gain peace: This is the doctrine of captivity!”