Here Short List Of Physical, mental & emotional Benefits of the Enlighten Life Retreats

Participating in a retreat with Madhukar offers the chance to turn away from the emotional turbulences, moving beyond the inner and outer noise, right into silence, beauty and expanded awareness.

  • Jnana Yoga and Advaita Meditation can have a tremendous impact on lowering anger and anxiety. Especially they may help to overcome job-related stress in high-pressure work environments. It can provide you with emotional balance and serenity.
  • Meditation is scientifically proven to enhance all body functions. Stress reduction can help increasing immunity, reducing high blood pressure, it can improve your sleep patterns and also enhance pain tolerance. Meditation can support you to stay vital and in good health condition.
  • Turning away from the noise of the mind can stabilize and improve mental and emotional health. You can regain your sense of humor and it can give you a positive outlook in life. It is known to put you into a ‚flow’.
  • Focusing on the inner silence can increase the strength and endurance of your attention, and reveal more and more clarity and authenticity.
  • The expansion of consciousness through Jnana Yoga can break dependencies by increasing your awareness of its causes.
  • Through the realization of the true Self, the identification with the body and its subtle biochemical processes can be abolished. As a result, the addictive triggers can dissolve and a profound regeneration process can take place in the entire body system.
  • Meditation may increase your sense of connectedness and empathy. Thus your relationships in all areas of life can improve. Creativity, decision making and conflict resolution may happen easy and without effort.
  • Through Self-Inquiry, conflicts are then no longer transferred to the physical level, which means that the body can experience enormous relief.
  • The tranquil state of consciousness which you can experience due to Madhukar’s guidance can rewire your mind towards happiness and reveal inner peace and freedom.
  • In most of the Enlighten Life retreats, optionally free Yoga classes are offered. You can benefit from all the great impacts physical Yoga can have on all levels of the body-mind-system.